Getting Started


  • MSP-FET debugger (TI).

  • GitHub Desktop (download) or your choice of Git software.

Fork and Clone cupl Tag


Visit the cupl Tag repository on (GitHub). Click the fork button in the top right.

Clone the forked repository to your computer by clicking the green Clone or Download button. See for more details.

Open the Code Composer Project

  1. Download and install Code Composer Studio 10 (CCS).

  2. Open CCS. Launch the workspace of your choice.

  3. Click File -> Open Projects from File System…

  4. In Import Source, select the folder containing the clone of cupl Tag.

  5. Ensure that cupltag\firmware is checked. Every other folder should be unchecked.

  6. Click Finish.

  7. The project is now open.


Add Reference to cuplCodec

The cuplTag firmware depends on C files from cuplCodec.

  1. Fork the cuplCodec repository on (GitHub).

  2. Clone this into a folder on your computer.

  3. In CCS, right click the cuplTag_firmware project.

  4. Select Properties from the context menu.

  5. In the Properties window, expand Resource on the left hand panel and select Linked Resources.

  6. Double click the CUPLCODEC path variable. The Edit Variable window will appear.

  7. Click the Folder… button. Select the Codec clone folder from step 2.

  8. Click Apply and Close.

  9. The cuplcodec_encoder project folder will now contain references to files inside cupl Codec.